2 | Making

I’ve always enjoyed making things. Whether they be physical items or not, I enjoy the feeling of looking at something and thinking to yourself ‘I did that’. That’s partly why I chose to study film. The past three years of my life were dedicated to learning about film and television production, which at the end has left me wanting to make everything that I possibly can.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen for many reasons. In order to make things, you generally need money. Being a student, I only had a part time job, and what money I had went on a car. By graduation I didn’t have any sort of job, and so have spent the past year wondering what to do with myself. It was this wondering that lead me back to physical making. Film making, whilst very much a physical thing in the sense that people come together and bring with them amounts of technology and equipment, nowadays generally only ends in a digital format. Having nothing to do with myself at the end of my schooling, I’ve starting making again.

I’m really happy with where things are going at the moment, but I want to do more with myself. I want to put my education to use and start making films. Even just minute long ones, just to start. Everyone has to start somewhere.


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