8 | Long Time No… Write?

So, the last time I wrote something was just over two weeks ago. There goes my writing every day plan! Nothing much has happened since then so…

On the 25th I worked in the TV Studio at my university, teaching a small group of students from a local community college how to operate the studio. That was really challenging as the students didn’t want to learn, or were too interested in trying to impress their friends to actually bother trying. This is especially frustrating as they’re supposed to be there to learn new skills, or at least gain a tiny bit of insight into a new area that they may not have considered before, but trying to tell someone how a particular piece of equipment works and they’re too busy talking to their friends, or just plain complaining about how bored they are is quite difficult.

Then it was my 22nd birthday! This was really nice, I just went out with my family, and we had a really big meal which left all of us rolling out the door at the end of the night. Not much more to say about that really! Last week I went to a ‘boylesque’ show with my friends for someone’s birthday. That was… interesting. But really, it was really fun and makes you realise how incredibly unfit you are when you see half naked people hanging off trapezes or pieces of cloth.

Tomorrow I’m working at the studio again, but this time we’re doing a short production for a musical company. They’re demonstrating the work their students have done throughout the year. Should be interesting!

Nothing else is happening really, which is kind of sad. My friends and I are about to start a podcast which I’m really excited for! We’re going to be talking about films (we don’t really know about anything else). Each of us is looking forward to beginning it – we’re still in ‘pre-production’. Because there’s quite a large group of us, we still have a lot of planning to do regarding who does what, we need a schedule of what we’re talking about, we also need to know when everyone is available to get together – something that’s quite hard when half the group have full time jobs! It also means that we’re doing something creative, which I think we all have been wanting to do for a while. Not being in a position where we can just go out and make a short film or something is really hard as it’s what we spent our entire university life looking forward to doing.

Speaking of university life, I’ve been looking into doing my masters. Having a bachelor degree is fine, but I want something more – even though I’ve been out of schooling for a year, I don’t think I’m done yet. I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now, and recently seeing that quite a few of my friends are going on to do theirs, it’s tipped my thinking towards doing so. I’ve been looking at two; Master of Media, or Master of Communication. Both programs look amazing and something that I would really like to do. The only thing deterring me is that you have to pay your fees up front. I know it’s such a trivial thing, but I don’t have a job that’s paying me and I don’t want to put that burden on my parents. If I were going to, I would need to find a really good job in the next couple of months to allow me to – I’m not currently in the position to be paying $10,000 per semester just yet!

Oh well, I’m sure everything will work out. I just need to keep looking!