9 | Happy New Year!

And so it is 2015! I told myself that starting January 1st I would try and write something everyday. Even if it is something 10 words long. However, as my clock is currently telling me that it’s 12.06AM January 2nd, it would seem that I’ve already failed… but Melbourne is quite ahead of everyone, so let’s pretend that this is on time!

I’ve read a few posts about resolutions and, like most people, I usually make them and then promptly break them. So much so in fact that I don’t think I could tell you a single resolution that I’ve actually kept. Whoops. But this year will be the year of change! I spent last year sitting around waiting for things to happen to me. Seeing as that did nothing for me, I’ll have to do something about it. This time last year I was very close to finishing university. Having had a year to sit on it, I think that I may not be done with my education. It’s something that the more I think about, the more I want to do. Obviously I want to go out there and actually make something of my degree, but I could still do that and continue learning? Resolution #1: decide whether to continue learning?

I’ve also decided to read more. I love reading, and for some reason I really let the ball drop last year. I’m currently reading The Fellowship of the Rings, and I received Gone Girl for Christmas, so those are starts. And then there’s the shelves on my bookcase that are filled with unread books. So, resolution #2: Read more. I’m not going to give myself a limit, that just stresses me out. I don’t want something that’s supposed to be fun to suddenly be a task. And considering I only read about 10 books last year, I don’t think it will be challenging.

I’ve also decided to exercise. I literally do none at the moment, and it’s quite embarrassing. Resolution #3: Exercise. Even it’s  just a walk once every couple of days, it’s so much more than I’m currently doing!

Finally, resolution #4: Get a freaking job. Literally anything. A job. It’s all I want. I mean, all I want to do is work. I hate just sitting around doing nothing, I want something to do!

Anyway, let’s hope that tomorrow will bring more writing!


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