11 | What’s Not To Know?

‘Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.’

I’m a fairly open person, so there isn’t much that my family and friends don’t know about me. When I was younger I was painfully shy. I could barely talk to my friends without feeling embarrassed about what I was saying. I really don’t know where this came from because I was happy with myself and who I was, but I was just really shy about putting myself out there? I don’t know. Looking back, it shocks me how introverted I was. If my friends wanted to go and do something, I nearly always said no. Or if someone in my family asked me a question, I would answer with one or two words.

I always used to say ‘I can’t’. I was quite afraid of showing people my abilities and what I could do. All of these things changed when we moved to Australia. One day my uncle told me to stop saying that I couldn’t do things, because then people would stop asking me questions and wouldn’t ask me to help, because apparently I couldn’t do anything. I know that he only said it to shock me, but that’s really stuck with me, and now I rarely find myself saying I can’t so something – unless it’s genuinely something I can’t do. At school I met all these new people who didn’t know I was shy, and so I came out of myself more. I was still shy, but I could talk to people and had no problem speaking up for myself. It wasn’t until I went to uni and met people who were both very similar to me, yet very different, that I was able to become who I now am. That sounds really weird, but being with people are there for the same reason you are helps to validate who you are.


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