13 | First!

I’ve been to many different countries before, but for some reason going to the Netherlands was different. This was a holiday that my family had been talking about for over a year and when the time finally arrived none of us knew what to expect. We had landed in Heathrow and then hired a car and drove all the way through France and Belgium in order to get there. When we finally got there (‘there’ being a place named Halfweg) we settled all our luggage into the cute little house we rented and made our way to the train station so that we could explore.

Luckily we were only two train stations away from the city, so our trip was much shorter than anticipated. Then we went on to do two tours. We sat all day in a bus full of other tourists, and it was great. Melbourne is such a new city. It’s buildings are shiny and new and there isn’t much history to be found. Being able to explore a new place is so exciting – especially a place that is so different to anywhere we’ve visited before.

This may have been our first trip there, but it definitely won’t be our last.



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