19 | How Lucky Am I

Yesterday I went to a friend’s birthday party. Nothing out of the ordinary. But then I found out about the financial trouble that they are in. One of his parents recently lost their job, something that was completely unexpected. This made me realise how lucky I am to have two parents who have job security and are able to constantly provide for us. This is not to say that my friend’s parents are not providing – they’re doing wonderfully – but I can’t imagine being in a position where you have to sell your car for more money.

From this, we were talking about all of us entering the work force. One friend is going to be a teacher, and said that she found it extremely difficult getting a job because old teachers who the school thought were leaving would suddenly decide that they didn’t want to retire anymore. How is our generation supposed to get jobs when the older generations aren’t leaving their positions? There’s simply no space for us. Of course there are jobs available, but these people advertise for someone who has just come out of uni and has 3-5 years experience. Where are these magical university graduates supposed to have gotten their experience from? They’ve just spent the past few years in school. Urgh.


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