20 | Images

This photo was taken at The Hague in the Netherlands. It’s one of the eight photos I took on my film camera whilst we were on holiday. Eight. Good job me. I’ve only just gotten this on my computer, and now I want to share it!

At this time we had been travelling on various tour buses all day and were exhausted. Our feet were tired and our stomachs were empty. We got the The Hague late in the day because of various delays, and so when we got there we only had a certain amount of time to walk around before the sun went down. The thing about the Netherlands is that because it’s filled with water, there is a constant haze. It’s really quite beautiful to wake up early in the morning and see fields covered in mist. The sun was setting and we were on our way to our bus. Looking over the water, the sprinklers were going and it was just so nice. Australia is so dry, and that can be beautiful as well, but this was magical.

The thing is, the people who live there have seen this a thousand times. They don’t stop to think how beautiful the place they walk is. Even just driving half an hour from home you can end up in the countryside. We all turn to each other and say ‘imagine waking up to that view!’. But, we do wake up to that view, we just don’t see it anymore.


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