24 | Only A Couple More Months!

I love Malaysia, I really do. Being half Malaysian means that half of my family are there, which in turn means that we can go there whenever we want! (Okay, not whenever we want, but you know what I mean). However, as we only visit for family, we rarely do tourist-ey type things. The last time we were down was also the first time that the entire family had been together, something that happens when you’re spread out over three continents. Most of the cousins and I went to visit some of the caves. One that we went to was very small, but very beautiful. They’re used as Buddhist temples, but the people who worked there were lovely and more than happy to tell us more.




We also visited another cave that was guarded by a giant golden statue before a giant flight of stairs, and it was definitely tourist central. There were so many people that we thought it was best for our giant group to not go – nothing worse than being lost in a foreign place.

This was 4 years ago now, and we’re going back this year for Christmas. I love going back and being able to spend time with all the food. And my family. Family is important too. But the food. If I could eat sweet pork everyday for the rest of my life I would die fat and happy.

When I say a couple more months, I know it’s at the end of the year and that I shouldn’t wish my time away, but I’m so excited!


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