24 | Start That Project!

A while ago I told you about how a couple of friends and I had planned to start a podcast. Well, a couple of plans have been made but nothing much else, as it’s hard to find a time when 6 people with very different schedules can come together. Well, it’s finally happening! On Sunday we’re going to be sitting down and discussing how we’re going to be doing everything!

When creating a new project, it can be hard to get it off the ground. In this case, we struggled with finding a time that everyone was available for a meeting. In other cases, it could just be that you’re not confident in your plans, or are scared that things might not turn out the way you plan – things that everyone has experienced at one point.

Now that we’re all at a stage where we genuinely want to do something for us, I feel as though this will benefit our sanity, and we’ll be able to provide content that is actually worth listening to. Of course, as we’re all new to this and some of us (cough cough) have nothing else to do with their time, we’re also going to be creating a blog (watch this space!) and providing our subscribers with extra content such as film reviews and the like. Basically, it’s all just content that we enjoy consuming, so why not make something of our own?


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