25 | It’s Got Me Started!

Even though I haven’t been ‘blogging’ for very long, I’ve found myself writing more and more in everyday life. One of my goals in writing everyday was to be able to be a better writer and to be able to write more fluently.

Going about my day I, like every other human, would normally find myself needing to remember things, or just generally being in need to write something down, but I would always say to myself that I’d remember it. Obviously this would turn out very badly because my brain is not the sponge I like to think it is. Now, I’ve found that I’ve the confidence to write something down. I’m becoming more confident in writing things, whether they be a simple list, or something more substantial that I want to come back to later.

I have written scripts, but I’ve never been fully satisfied with how they’ve turned out. I’ve now begun writing ideas down, knowing that I’ll be able to come back to them later without cringing. I’ve always had that problem – ever since high school and until I finished uni, I would write essays, but not come back to edit what I’ve written. Once it was down on paper, that was the final version. Whilst this is not the best way to go about your schooling, I always received good grades so it didn’t seem like it mattered.

Even though this post isn’t something important, I’m going to go over it and make sure that it sounds coherent(ish) as opposed to a crazed woman rambling on about nothing. It might not be important, but I feel as though I need to make sure the people on the internet know what I’m talking about.


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