26 | Be Who You Are

I was just catching up on my YouTube subscriptions when a video from one of my favourite YouTubers caught my eye. She goes by the name Choncey Boddington and I absolutely love her videos. She videos focus primarily on her love of books, but occasionally she speaks about issues that are important to her, which I love. Her most recent video is not one of books, but about how people should not be afraid of showing the world who they really are.

If you watch the video you’ll see that she has had many problems with facing who she is, and being afraid of what others will think of her because of horrible past experiences. Whilst I’ve never been unfortunate enough to have someone, let alone my peers, treat me in such a disgusting way, it did get me thinking.

All through my schooling I was a very shy person, as I’ve said before. It wasn’t until university that I found people who I feel I can truly me be around. I met up with them today, and it struck me how different we all were, yet we were all accepting of who one another is. I love it!

Watching this video made me concious of the fact that not everyone, including myself, has the luxury of having friends around you who know you and don’t care if you’re slightly (or extremely) strange. I know that we choose our friends, but sometimes the people who we choose to be our friends do not choose us in return. Now that Choncey has realised she doesn’t, and shouldn’t, care what others think of her, she says that she is able to return to the things that she had once shed because she felt she would be more liked by those around her. This is something we can all take away from this. No matter who you are, or what you do, you shouldn’t change who you are for other people.

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.– Bernard Baruch


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