38 | Zines

I just found a place in Melbourne that stocks zines. As in, it is a shop that only sells zines. Oh ma gawd. It’s underground, located inside a tunnel. That’s how you know something is cool – when it’s inside a tunnel.

There’s something interesting about zines. They can literally be anything, and they are made by literally anyone. They’re just pieces of paper – folded, stapled, glued – there are no guidelines. That is so exciting. Everyone knows what a book should look like. Everyone knows what a magazine should look like. Everyone knows what certain types of media should look like. But not zines. Zines have a mind of their own and do whatever the hell they want. Great.

I’m going to go visit this place tomorrow. I may buy something, or I may end up staying there forever because I’ll be too excited to leave. Never know!


37 | Reckless Shopping

Tonight I’ve just been on the internet, as one normally is, looking around for a camera. I’ve been looking for something just to shoot basic videos with just to get started. Since I’m not a camera type person by any means, I figure buying a low-end camera and practising on that is better than buying a high end one that I won’t ever use for fear of breaking it. Also, buying something cheaper would make me feel better if I just could never be bothered to use it.

So, looking around for cameras. I think I’ve found one I like. I’ll do more research on it first before I decide on anything, but I’m quite happy so far. Looking around on these websites (the only place to look for anything in Australia) you stumble upon things. Stumble upon things you’ve wanted for a long time, but just forget you wanted them sort of things. Things like a Lomo camera. Yeah, I just bought one.

When I first found Lomography it was truly amazing, and I knew that I wanted one. Even just to have in my hands and say to the world ‘THIS IS MIIIINNNEE!!!’. However, I didn’t have a job when I was 17, and I’m not one for asking my parents to buy expensive things for me. I know $80 isn’t expensive in the grand scheme of things, but to someone with no money, that buys a lot of things. BUT! I am now in a position where I can afford to spend $80 on things I want (not all the time, obviously. Just sometimes). So I bought it. I’m quite excited. It should be here on Monday. It’s so beautiful, and I seriously can’t wait. Like, so excited.

36 | It’s Been A While

So it’s been quite a few weeks with no update. Quite a few things have happened, some of which wouldn’t really be appropriate to talk about on the internet, but other things that I shall quickly put below:

  • That short film happened for two days and now it’s not happening until further notice, something I’m quite sad about actually!
  • I finished reading ‘Acceptance’ by Jeff VanderMeer and it was so good. It was a wonderful end to the Southern Reach Trilogy, whilst still leaving you guessing as to what happened next. So good.
  • I’ve applied to so many jobs I’m starting to lose count. Fun times.
  • I’ve finally organised all the paperwork from that TV show I produced back in my third year of uni. That same TV show is finally being broadcast as of June this year! I’m so excited, I know it’s taken a year and a half, but it’s finally happening! More details on this as everything develops.
  • My friend and I are trying to determine whether we could start a business on our own, because neither of us seem to be having any luck when it comes to the whole job hunting thing. Any advice?

I think that’s everything for now. I shall be back tomorrow for more ramblings!

35 | Looking For That Job

It’s gotten to the point where I’m tired of searching for a job. Why can’t someone just come up to me and give me one? Why? Why?

I’m (thankfully) in a position where I don’t have to worry about money because I still live with my parents. Obviously I would like to move out and experience everything for myself, but in order to do that I need money, and in order to have money I need to have a job. My parents don’t mind that I still live at home, and have said that I should only move out when I’m in the position to (love them). Unfortunately I know a few people whose parents do not have this attitude.

Because of this position I may not be applying to ALL the jobs I possibly could be. I’m still going for the ones within the arts-ish area. If I’m going to be applying for my first proper adult job, I want it to be something that I enjoy. My family had been telling me to apply for a job where my aunty works – at an insurance broker. That’s all well and good if you’re into that kind of thing, but I’m really not. And even though she was telling me that most young people work for a year and then leave to do something else, that wouldn’t be me. It took me a year to leave my previous job, so knowing that I would end up in insurance forever.

I was before, but I’m no longer going for anything in retail – I would never leave otherwise. I know that most people only work retail as an inbetween job, but I have such limited retail experience no one would look at me. Especially considering I’m 22, which means they’d have to pay me more.

I’ve been doing quite well with the apply-to-at-least-one-job-a-day thing. I’m going to keep this up. I’ve found that you get more interviews if you apply to more jobs. Funny that.

34 | Only A Couple Days!

In a couple of days production will start on the short film I’m part of! I’m real excited and I’m ready with a handful of tricks to hide microphones under the actors clothing.

That’s something I’m quite worried about. I’ve watched various films and TV shows where you can see the microphone and the pack hidden underneath clothing and haven’t thought anything of it. However, because this is a small production I feel as though if people could see the mics they’d think that we didn’t even try to conceal them. It may be something stupid to worry about, but I’ll be practising when I get my mics tomorrow.

Hopefully everything goes well! I’ll probably be writing again tomorrow saying how happy I am to have these mics. And then Thursday morning heading off to film for the weekend. Fun times ahead!

33 | Series’ That Should Not Be

I’ve just finished watching ‘The Prince and Me: The Royal Wedding’ (it was on TV, okay), and I mean seriously. There’s just something about film series’ that I truly love. When they’re done well that is. Seeing the characters evolve, wondering how that cliffhanger will ever be resolved. Great. But there are some that really should have stopped.

So, ‘The Prince and Me’. The first one was good-bad. You know, the kind of film that is so cheesy and awful that you can’t help but smile because it’s just so good. Yeah, the second one should not have been made. If you are able to look past the weak plot, the acting, and the fact that everyone seems to be English despite them being in Denmark (I’m not knowledgeable about Denmark, but is something like that true?), there’s the actor changes. And by actor changes I mean that everyone except for the prince, now king. Who thought that was a good idea?

But the plot! It’s so bad, and not good-bad, bad-bad. My favourite part is when Paige is trying to find a loophole in the law so she can marry Edvard. Cool. Her friend tells her they have two hours to find a loophole. They find a loophole. Loophole. So Paige and Edvard rush off to get married. Horray! And her parents have arrived from America! Horray! Wait, how did they get there so fast? We know from earlier on in the film that they cancelled their flights. Surely modern air travel hasn’t advanced so much that they managed to fly from the US to Denmark in under two hours? I don’t know.

I know that films like this (as well as most films nowadays) are only made to make money. What saddens me is that no one seems to stop and think ‘hey, maybe we shouldn’t do this’. We all know that one film that really shouldn’t have been produced – there are many. It also saddens me that small film productions aren’t given the time of day, but terrible films that were made with a big name company get all the attention.

32 | Computer Stare

I’ve spent all day looking at a computer screen and now my eyes are swollen. Woe is me. As a result, this is going to be a really short one because my eyes are closing themselves (please feel bad for me).

‘Gone Girl’ is so good! I don’t know what I was expecting because I’ve somehow managed to not hear anything about it, whether that be in book or film form. I really hope it stays that way until I finish it, because I couldn’t stop turning those pages on the train home today. The writing style makes it so easy to read because it’s so conversational. In summary, I’m enjoying it quite a bit so far.