30 | Read More!

Somehow I thought that writing more would mean that I would be reading more. Of course I’m reading lots of blogs (and enjoying it thoroughly!), but I still am yet to make any sort of dent on my shelf of to-be-read books.

I’ve managed to read one book so far this year. One. That’s a poor effort if I do say so myself. I find that I’m only really reading on the train or tram nowadays, and even then it’s not all the time. If I’m carrying too much with me then I simply don’t bother to take a book. Sometimes just being on public transport just exhausts me for no reason and reading would be useless as I would retain nothing at all.

I really need to make more time in my days to read more. When I was younger I devoured books like nothing else. I remember there was one particular series called Sheltie the Shetland Pony. Let’s just say that I had all the books, of which there were many. Side note, I’ve just been looking it up to see if that was the correct name, and I really want to get one of the books now, just to have as a memory.

I currently have Gone Girl sitting on my bedside table, so I think I’ll sign off and start reading… I’ve had the book open for about a week now and I’m on page 3. Go me!


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