31 | Set Building

Today was spent in a studio building the set to be used for a short film I’m part of. I’m so tired and my arms hurt, but it was excellent fun!

I’m really excited to start filming next week. We’re going every weekend for the next couple of weeks, so we’ll be done by March (wishing the month away!). You can check out the page here if you want.

This time last year I was working on a feature film in the art department. I learned a lot during the two months that I was there, most of all how to work with other people within the film industry. What I came to learn is that everyone has their job, and that’s the job they’ll do. Whilst people will definitely help if needed, they stick within their own role.

However on short student or independent films, as there’s normally not the large crews you see on feature films, there tends to be melding of roles. Whilst, yes, everyone has their own title, the comradery within the team means that everyone is more than willing to help out.

As a young, relatively inexperienced, person within the industry, I like that I’m growing in a role I enjoy on a smaller scale. This way if mistakes are made, everyone understands as we’re all there to do something that we all love doing, and understand that mistakes are how you learn and grow.


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