33 | Series’ That Should Not Be

I’ve just finished watching ‘The Prince and Me: The Royal Wedding’ (it was on TV, okay), and I mean seriously. There’s just something about film series’ that I truly love. When they’re done well that is. Seeing the characters evolve, wondering how that cliffhanger will ever be resolved. Great. But there are some that really should have stopped.

So, ‘The Prince and Me’. The first one was good-bad. You know, the kind of film that is so cheesy and awful that you can’t help but smile because it’s just so good. Yeah, the second one should not have been made. If you are able to look past the weak plot, the acting, and the fact that everyone seems to be English despite them being in Denmark (I’m not knowledgeable about Denmark, but is something like that true?), there’s the actor changes. And by actor changes I mean that everyone except for the prince, now king. Who thought that was a good idea?

But the plot! It’s so bad, and not good-bad, bad-bad. My favourite part is when Paige is trying to find a loophole in the law so she can marry Edvard. Cool. Her friend tells her they have two hours to find a loophole. They find a loophole. Loophole. So Paige and Edvard rush off to get married. Horray! And her parents have arrived from America! Horray! Wait, how did they get there so fast? We know from earlier on in the film that they cancelled their flights. Surely modern air travel hasn’t advanced so much that they managed to fly from the US to Denmark in under two hours? I don’t know.

I know that films like this (as well as most films nowadays) are only made to make money. What saddens me is that no one seems to stop and think ‘hey, maybe we shouldn’t do this’. We all know that one film that really shouldn’t have been produced – there are many. It also saddens me that small film productions aren’t given the time of day, but terrible films that were made with a big name company get all the attention.


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