36 | It’s Been A While

So it’s been quite a few weeks with no update. Quite a few things have happened, some of which wouldn’t really be appropriate to talk about on the internet, but other things that I shall quickly put below:

  • That short film happened for two days and now it’s not happening until further notice, something I’m quite sad about actually!
  • I finished reading ‘Acceptance’ by Jeff VanderMeer and it was so good. It was a wonderful end to the Southern Reach Trilogy, whilst still leaving you guessing as to what happened next. So good.
  • I’ve applied to so many jobs I’m starting to lose count. Fun times.
  • I’ve finally organised all the paperwork from that TV show I produced back in my third year of uni. That same TV show is finally being broadcast as of June this year! I’m so excited, I know it’s taken a year and a half, but it’s finally happening! More details on this as everything develops.
  • My friend and I are trying to determine whether we could start a business on our own, because neither of us seem to be having any luck when it comes to the whole job hunting thing. Any advice?

I think that’s everything for now. I shall be back tomorrow for more ramblings!


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