37 | Reckless Shopping

Tonight I’ve just been on the internet, as one normally is, looking around for a camera. I’ve been looking for something just to shoot basic videos with just to get started. Since I’m not a camera type person by any means, I figure buying a low-end camera and practising on that is better than buying a high end one that I won’t ever use for fear of breaking it. Also, buying something cheaper would make me feel better if I just could never be bothered to use it.

So, looking around for cameras. I think I’ve found one I like. I’ll do more research on it first before I decide on anything, but I’m quite happy so far. Looking around on these websites (the only place to look for anything in Australia) you stumble upon things. Stumble upon things you’ve wanted for a long time, but just forget you wanted them sort of things. Things like a Lomo camera. Yeah, I just bought one.

When I first found Lomography it was truly amazing, and I knew that I wanted one. Even just to have in my hands and say to the world ‘THIS IS MIIIINNNEE!!!’. However, I didn’t have a job when I was 17, and I’m not one for asking my parents to buy expensive things for me. I know $80 isn’t expensive in the grand scheme of things, but to someone with no money, that buys a lot of things. BUT! I am now in a position where I can afford to spend $80 on things I want (not all the time, obviously. Just sometimes). So I bought it. I’m quite excited. It should be here on Monday. It’s so beautiful, and I seriously can’t wait. Like, so excited.


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