41 | Getting Things Done!

Last night I made myself a rather large list of things to do today. And today I completed every single one of those things. Getting things done is such an amazing feeling. The feeling of accomplishment, of bettering yourself, of contributing to the world around you.

Although my list was rather mundane (paint the bedroom doors, send emails, apply to jobs etc), there’s nothing better than crossing something off that list. Which got me thinking. Many people have bucket lists, but I’ve never put much thought into it. I’m more of a roll-with-the-punches type of person. Many people my age are already married and have children and houses, and as a 22 year old that is simply terrifying. I mean, I barely know what I’m doing next week let alone for the rest of my life.

One thing I know I would love to do is travel. When I lived in England, my family and I would always go across to France and that was a great time, but it was only until we moved to the other side of the world that we all realised how many amazing experiences we could have had if we’d ventured just slightly further into the rest of Europe. Not only Europe, but everywhere really. Everywhere!


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