45 | Where Are You Motivation?

Some days I feel like just staying in bed and playing games/cuddling my cat or dog/reading/watching a tv show or movie/sleeping. On the occasional day this does actually happen, although not without the guilt I feel when I’m laying wide awake at 2am.

Having nothing to do most days other than job-hunting (I know, I know. I’ll stop talking about it when I actually have one!), and just generally bumming around on the internet, so it can be really difficult to actually find something productive to do with my days.

Going for walks only lasts so long. There’s only a certain amount of times I can eat in a day. The house can only get so clean. What to do? Most of the time I feel like making something. Actually creating something physical that I can hold in my hands. But then comes the question: What to make? I have a LOTR cross stitch sitting in my drawer begging to be finished. I should do that. But then again, I have that zine I was making with my sister to finish, I could write some more for that. I also have an online course I’m doing, so I could probably do some more work there.

The thing with motivation is that if that motivation is not going anywhere productive or useful, it can be really difficult to muster any up. I have things that I can be doing – things that don’t really benefit anyone, including myself, but things to do nonetheless. I’m wanting to start on the costume cape I’m making for my brother tomorrow (!!!!!!!!!!), and I have a job interview on Tuesday (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but after that – what to do?


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