46 | Travelling

I’ve somehow found myself on Airbnb. Of course there are some really dodgy looking places on there, but my experiences with it so far have been really good. When we were in Amsterdam last year, my cousins and aunty and uncle found an apartment right in the middle of the city. It was an amazing place. Of course, as with anything, there was a downside: An almost vertical set of stairs to climb in order to get there. No matter.

Even though I’ve only been looking for places around Australia, it’s really shown me how many different types of landscapes there are. Beach, forest, desert (or a mix of all) can be found, and it’s so beautiful it makes we want to visit everywhere. Maybe I’ll take my brother and sister for a trip somewhere whilst our parents are off having fun in America later in the year…

Speaking of travelling, and to change the subject completely, I have a job interview tomorrow! I’m actually quite excited and can’t wait to get in there and show them what I can do! Wish me luck!


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      Hey! My about page is a front page (don’t tell anyone)! You can’t seem to change the template of pages from the normal add page section, so if you go to WP Admin and add a new page from there, on the left hand side you’ll see ‘Template’ under Page Attributes, and then set that to Front Page 🙂

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