49 | On Days Like These

Today in beautiful Melbourne it’s freaking freezing. I say ‘freezing’ but it’s actually 14C. It’s the bitterly cold southerly wind that makes it feel like winter. Just a couple of days ago it was so hot I was wearing shorts and now I’m wrapped up in a blanket with a thick jumper on. What is happening?

Anywho, it’s on days like this that I like to do things. I feel as though I can be more productive when the weather outside forces me to stay in. That being said, there’s still TV, films, embroidery to be watched/done otherwise. However, I’m not going to procrastinate! I have jobs to apply for, budgets to make, embroidery to be done…

I’ve recently started doing a bit of embroidery hoop ‘art’ I guess you could call it. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I enjoy sewing and stitching and all that kind of stuff. I have an etsy store for some canvas art that I did last year, but there’s only a couple of pieces on there at the moment and the overall presentation of the store is a bit meh – I need a banner. I should make one. I’m planning to add these hoops to the store as well once I’ve finished backing them and have taken pictures and stuff.

My sister and I have also started making a zine! We only have two more pages to go and then we can start editing and seeing if everything fits together nicely. My sister’s doing the artwork for it, because she’s arty like that, and I’m writing little things to go on each page. At the moment it’s looking very minimalistic and I like it!

I also need to apply for jobs. I went for a job interview on Monday, but was told that I didn’t have enough experience (I knew I didn’t have enough experience anyway, but if you never try you never know!), but that they’ll keep my resume on file in case anything comes up. I don’t know what it is about media people, but they’re so nice. This is the second time someone has said that they’ll keep me in mind for the future, and the way that they are still in contact makes me think that they weren’t lying…

So, I’m off to write a few applications and scan in a few images and thread some needles. I hope you’re staying warm (or cool) and that all’s well!


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