51 | One Month Later

Somehow it’s been a month since I’ve last posted, and quite a bit has happened.

Let’s start off with today. I had a phone interview, exciting. I also received my camera and tripod. They’re only small, but then again so am I. I didn’t want to buy anything fancy for my first camera, just something I could take with me easily and get me started. I also had roti for lunch. So all in all, good day!

Apart from that, my friend and I started a podcast. We’re still working out formatting and everything, but if you want a listen you can find us here.

I’ve also started doing a bit of freelancing for an executive business school here in Melbourne, helping to create videos for an online course they’re going to be starting. It’s been really fun! I’ve been learning a lot from different business owners, and how they never gave up in order to succeed. Also, the place we’re shooting at it absolutely beautiful. The building is on the sea front, and it’s just amazing.

Now that I’ve actually written it down, that doesn’t seem like much at all… But I promise, things have been happening! I’m also going to make more of a concious effort to write here. I’ve been trying but I’ve been too tired after getting back home – but no more!


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